RBSPS Cry4Help Session!

This online session is being organized for and by our members and will be limited to 6 cases, where we will select with priority the "real" cry for help situations, which are still "hanging" (unresolved clinical problems). Each case will be presented with 3 slides (template available via Aurélie) in 3 minutes, after which a panel of experts will discuss the several options.

Perhaps you already have one (or more?) cases where you would like to ask for ideas from a lot of your colleagues? Don’t be shy, you can present them at our 11th Cry4Help session!

We are also looking for new experts! You will get access to the selected cases in advance, so that you can already think about how you would solve them… or maybe you have already had a similar case? Join our "Pool of Panelists" - thanks a lot!

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