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Registration on the Official Portal of Plastic Surgery in Belgium is limitied to Belgian and Luxembourg plastic surgeons, recognized or in training.

Only recognised plastic surgeons (INAMI 210/RIZIV 210) practising in Belgium (members of the RBSPS) will see their name appear on the lists intended for the general public under the section "find a surgeon".

Registration on the website is voluntary. The contact details on the website are only to be entered by the users. They are given a login and a password that allow them to manage the data linked to their profile. Under no circumstances will the site administrators modify this data, the relevance of which remains the sole responsibility of the users.

After registration, the administrators of the RBSPS website will check and validate the INAMI/RIZIV data, as well as the status of the new registrants before they appear in the "find a surgeon" list intended for the general public.

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The "Hospitals" section makes it easy for the public to find you. If you do not work in a hospital environment, indicate either the name of your practice if you have one, or "private consultation" or "private clinic". The heading "City" indicates the cities in which you have your main place of consultation and/or surgical activity. If you do not want certain information to be made available to the general public, do not fill in the corresponding boxes.

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