2nd Instructional Course for Facial Paralysis Reconstruction

There are two major dysfunctions in facial paralysis: Pure Facial Paralysis which affects not only smile but also eye closure and Postparalytic Facial Synkinesis which affects not only facial asymmetry, but also synkinesis problems. Both constitute great challenges to reconstructive surgeons around the world. 

To update with current trends in facial paralysis reconstruction, we will include smile, lagophtalmos, synkinesis, regional muscle and free muscle transfer et cetera reconstructions in the 2nd course. We have invited 11 international and 7 domestic faculty to perform more than 10 live surgeries in the morning through four separate operating rooms with live broadcast. Multiple afternoon lectures (basic and clinical) are following in the afternoon. A stimulating "Q&A" session will be scheduled in one nighttime. It is a 3-day meeting.

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